Who are naturally thin people?

Who are these Naturally Thin people and why is it so important to cultivate the idea of identifying myself as one, first on the inside and then on the outside, in order to lose weight easily?

Why is it that I can’t lose weight?

WHY IS IT THAT I CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT? Showing the mind what we want is more effective than asking why. If we ask “Why is it that I can’t lose weight?” we don’t give our mind any clear indication of what we want it to do. Let’s see why “asking why” can be counterproductive…

Losing weight by eating normally

LOSING WEIGHT BY EATING NORMALLY: It’s easy! But what does “eating normally” mean? Usually “normally” means “right” and, usually, “right” means less than I eat now. One of the seven smart moves that I recommend with THE RIGHT WEIGHT FOREVER method is to “Eat whatever you want, often and in moderation” …

Loving yourself and losing weight, in the mirror and forever

A girl with some weight to lose once asked me, “How can I love myself when I look like this?” She said she wanted to lose weight so she could start loving herself again. Naturally, I shook my head, “I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works.”