The 7 smart moves for the right weight forever

Follow these 7 smart moves to lose weight at the table and when snacking. These are the 7 smart moves that have made THE RIGHT WEIGHT FOREVER method famous and they will help you let your real hunger and genuine fullness guide you to long-lasting weight loss.

Weight loss tips … let your stomach guide you

“Debora, what should I do to lose weight?” This is the typical question that people ask me at coaching sessions and in courses. The very first tip that I recommend is not one of the moves for losing weight at the table or changing your behavior, but has to do with language instead: replace “I must” with the much better “I want”. That changes everything, doesn’t it?

The right mindset for losing weight

Think of playing a musical instrument, how well you dance, how well you play tennis or cook a delicious lasagna, make a moist cake, crochet like a skilled granny, what a good organizer you are, a good listener, an excellent problem solver… As with all…