One Hour Coaching With Debora Conti


You bring your objectives and I bring my experience of more than 10 years in Life Coaching. My tools are mainly from NLP and I can help you in English or in French (other than Italian, of course!). Meet me on Skype and I will help you with structure to get what you want.



Topic. I’m a Life Coach with a lot of experience in weight loss coaching. I also coach professionals (nutritionists, dieticians, wellness professionals) to use Right Weight Forever method together with their profession. They find it’s really useful to help their clients with easy exercises, to know how to help them with the right words, questions, support to their fears and objections.

I also offer Life Coaching services in general to help with emotional, behavioral and relationship issues. All emotions or behaviours can be looked from inside, and from there can be changed. Unconscious involvement, intrinsic motivation and repetition will do the rest.

First meeting. If we never met before, write me first, tell me your story and let me know what you want to get and how you think I can help you. This way, we will have the possibility to get to know each other (even by a first email) and we will start from here on our first online meeting.

My style. I’m really practical as a coach, even visualizing for me need to respect a good structure to be understood by our unconscious mind. I consider myself as a book, at the client disposal. You are the protagonist and I will be with you with useful questions, techniques, visualizations. You will remain responsible of your own success and improvements. At the end of any session, we will summarize what we have done and I might give you some “homework”, like questions to ask yourself, ideas to associate, visualizations…

My availability. On my time zone [Milan +1] from 9am to 15am (Check here time zones I devote just some hours to coaching per week and I work with a limited number of clients for a period that we will discuss together.

How many meetings? I don’t propose any fixed package and private meetings can be booked each time according to our availability and agenda. My experience taught me that learning to handle with a “non productive” emotion tied to a precise situation can be easier and quicker than changing a behavioural habit. In the first meeting we will work on the topic that might majorly make a difference on your objective and that you will tell me about. I tend to meet from one to maximum five meetings on a subject.

Follow up and frequency. Between two meetings I ask some emails to keep us focused on the work. The second meeting might occur one week after the first, then from the third on we might separate in half hours and let two weeks or even a month pass before the next one.

Am I your coach? I like working with women from 30 to 55, with many challenges to face every day: emotional, behavioral, personal, in relationship at work or in family. My type of client is like you: conscious of something to improve and wanting to solve it in the best, respectful and right way possible. If this is the case, I’m right there for you.

I’m not your coach if you have other important things going on in your life right now or if you expect answers from me or magic happening without effort.

Guarantees? My two guarantees are: my commitment to serve your objective the best I can, my experience to ask the right questions and to choose the right mental tool. You are the only person to be responsible of your objective, work and commitment.

Cancellation policy. If one time you can’t, no worries, I have other work to do and we will reschedule. I understand that life doesn’t turn around our meetings.