Losing weight naturally, lean mass, fat mass and your metabolism

How do you lose weight “naturally”? First, let’s explain what it means to “lose weight naturally.” Losing weight naturally means losing weight over the right amount of time for your body, steadily (although we know that your body will never lose the weight according to a specific schedule), eliminating fat mass, strengthening lean mass, WITHOUT harming your metabolism.

5 + 2 tips for taking care of yourself and your family (and work)

One of the difficulties you might face as a woman is taking care of yourself and your family too… Oh, and our careers too! The question is: “How do I balance time and attention for myself with my commitments to family, home and work?

How can I keep from SNACKING?

HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SNACKING? I am often asked, “Debora, how do I keep from snacking?” There is a fundamental problem with this question: It is not formulated correctly. Let’s see why and WHAT would be more constructive to ask. Why isn’t the question well formulated?

Weight loss tips … let your stomach guide you

“Debora, what should I do to lose weight?” This is the typical question that people ask me at coaching sessions and in courses. The very first tip that I recommend is not one of the moves for losing weight at the table or changing your behavior, but has to do with language instead: replace “I must” with the much better “I want”. That changes everything, doesn’t it?