What does losing weight with NLP mean?

Before I talk about losing weight with NLP, let’s explain what NLP means. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an extremely practical school of thought that works on habits, feelings, beliefs, identity and the environment. Practically speaking, it is a cornucopia of practical, proven tools to improve your daily life.

Why is it better to lose weight slowly?

When I recommend that you lose weight slowly, I don’t mean it should take forever, or two years to drop fifty pounds. I mean ten pounds in three to six months. Slow and steady is the ticket to a lifelong change… so be wary of shortcuts to quick results.

Losing weight by eating normally

LOSING WEIGHT BY EATING NORMALLY: It’s easy! But what does “eating normally” mean? Usually “normally” means “right” and, usually, “right” means less than I eat now. One of the seven smart moves that I recommend with THE RIGHT WEIGHT FOREVER method is to “Eat whatever you want, often and in moderation” …